Featured Speakers :

 Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas
Senior Director IT/IS Solution Delivery
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
 John Reynders
John Reynders
Chief Information Officer
Moderna Therapeutics
 Dimitris K. Agrafiotis
Dimitris K. Agrafiotis
Vice President & Chief Data Officer
 John Koch
John Koch
Director, Scientific Information Architecture & Search, MRL Informatics
 Munther Baara
Munther Baara
Senior Director, Development Business Technology
 Rinat Sergeev
Rinat Sergeev
Data Scientist
Data Scientist Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences, Harvard

Transforming R&D with Big Data & Analytics

Welcome to the The Big Data & Analytics in Life Sciences Forum!

The pharmaceutical industry is a data intensive world that requires superior data management and advanced analytics. Pharmaceutical companies are managing vast amounts of information regarding products, customers, prescriber behaviors and clinical trials across hundreds of different types of compounds. With mounting regulatory pressure and increasing competition, pharmaceutical companies must be able to:

  • Aggregate Certain Activities Across Different Data Marks
  • Access & Analyze Large Data Sets Efficiently and on Demand
  • Create a Proactive Culture and Embrace the New Ways Of Working

Join us at the Big Data & Analytics in Life Sciences Forum as we showcase practical industry case studies from pharmaceutical power houses in all stages of the big data journey. Gain key insights that will give you the edge in your efforts to successfully integrate a big data and analytics strategy and become a more data-driven business. Get all the information you need to advance Drug Discovery & Development, Biomedical Research, Next Generation Sequencing & Personalized Medicine within your pharmaceutical organization. Be the catalyst to help your organization achieve the golden triangle of treatment: the right target, the right chemistry, and the right patient. Don't miss out!

Hear Practical Case Studies under These Key Focus Areas

  • Building the big data platform - gaining maximum value from innovative technology trends
  • Data acquisition – new and forward thinking methods for collecting data generated at all stages of the value chain, from discovery to real-world use
  • Data integration - creating datasets that are consistent, reliable, and well related
  • From cloud to data centres – exploring the latest hi-tech trends in data storage
  • Predictive analytics - achieving the ‘golden triangle’ of treatment: the right target, the right chemistry, and the right patient

Who should Attend?

TECHNOLOGISTS: IT & Enterprise Architecture executives that act as the enablers for Data. They provide/support the systems, software, and infrastructure to move process and store the data.

Job titles:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Informatics Systems Lead
  • Infrastructure & High Performance Computing,
  • Clinical Development Information Technology
  • Director IT Strategy,
  • Head, R&D Data and Analytics Architecture
  • R&D Information Systems
  • Data Management Architecture

INFORMATION SCIENTISTS: Executives who process data for storage and retrieval. They find patterns, intelligence & develop stories from vast datasets with varying volume, velocity, variety, and veracity and share it with business users.

Job titles:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director Informatics & Analysis,
  • Director, Data Analytics
  • Senior Group Head, Bioinformatics
  • Vice President, Biometrics
  • Director Clinical Innovation
  • Director Knowledge Engineering & Information Science
  • Principal Biomedical Informatics Scientist
  • Senior Director, Personalized Healthcare

END/BUSINESS USERS: These executives work within the various R&D units including trial design, genomics, drug discovery, biochemical research, clinical systems and personalized medicine. They use the insights to make data driven decisions and advance drug discovery and development.

Job titles:

  • VP Research &Development
  • Group Leader, Lead Discovery
  • Senior Director, population research and of cardiovascular genetics
  • Scientific Director Infectious Disease-Scientific Affairs
  • Vice President Exploratory Development
  • Executive Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer,
  • Vice President Antibody Research
  • Vice President Global Scientific Affairs and Intelligence
  • Director, Scientific Programs

Why Attend?

  • Real world case studies from leading pharmaceutical organizations
  • Get the opportunity to benchmark and fine tune your big data and analytics strategy
  • Networking with industry thought leaders – finding knowledge partners
  • Opportunity to conduct their technology R&D over two days

Do you have cutting edge big data and analytics technologies that would benefit this market?

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